On Sale! JDSU HD2-P2-V Fiber Optic Inspction System FBP-HD2 –

On Sale! JDSU HD2-P2-V Fiber Optic Inspction System FBP-HD2 –

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Westover HD2-P2-V Fiber Optic Test

JDSU FBP-HD2-P2-V Fiber Inspection System w/ VFL
JDSU FBP Probe Fiberscope

Quickly and easily inspect both sides of the fiber interconnect with FBP Probe FiberScope

Includes Carrying Case & Accessories As Listed


Westover HD2-P2-V HD2P2V Fiber Inspection System Models On Sale Warranty Calibration Backed by The Best Service and Lowest Prices in the Industry.

FBP-HD2 Handheld video display with 3.5-in TFT LCD

– High-resolution 3.5-inch TFT LCD display that can detect 1 µm particles and scratches
– Ruggedized, durable enclosure for use in any environment
– GripSwitch™ mode activates the display when held in-hand and deactivates it when released, extending battery life
– ~8-hour run time using continuous-ON mode and extended run time in GripSwitch mode
– Low-battery warning LED
– Uses eight AA batteries or AC adapter (100–240 VAC/12 VDC) as alternate power supply
– Available hardwired to FBP or FBE probe or connectorized to FBP probe

HD2 Handheld Display
The HD2 display combines performance and versatility in a durable device that fits comfortably in the user’s hand. Used for field inspection of optical fiber, the HD2 incorporates a variety of features that enable portability and efficiency. All models include a 3.5-inch thin film transistor (TFT) liquid crystal display (LCD) and an innovative GripSwitch that conserves battery life with instant-ON functionality when holding the unit in-hand, and powers OFF when set down. It is equipped with a continuous-ON feature for hands-free operation. With its durable design and rugged enclosure, the HD2 ensures excellent performance during field applications.

Additional features available in certain models include an integrated patch cord microscope (PCM) to inspect male connectors.

– View clear detailed fiber end face images on 3.5-in video display
– Use with JDSU probe microscope to inspect both bulkhead (female) and patch cord (male) sides of fiber interconnect
– Promote proper fiber handling workflow and practice

Westover HD2-P2-V

HD2 Display Specifications
Dimensions: FBP-HD2 18.5 x 15.0 x 6.0 cm (7.3 x 5.9 x 2.4 in)
Weight(with 8 x AA batteries): FBP-HD2: 760 g (26.8 oz)
Video display: 3.5-in (88.9 mm) TFT LCD
Connector: 4-pin Hirose™ for FBP probes; hardwired to FBP or FBE probes
Power source: 8 x AA standard alkaline batteries or AC adapter (100–240VAC/12VDC)
Power modes: ON (continuous on)
GripSwitch (power saving mode) OFF
Run time: ~8 hours (continuous on)
Extended run time with use of GripSwitch (power saving mode)

Condition: Refurbished
Warranty: 90 Day Exchange
– JDSU HD2-P2-V Fiber Inspection System w/ Case (BC# 18492)
– LC-LC Connector
– JDSU FBP Probe Microscope (BC# 15591M)
– FBPT-U25M Connector For Probe
– (2) IBC LC Brand Cleaners P/N: 9393
– (2) SM LC-LC Duplex Fiber Cables
– AC Adapter/Charger
– Hard Copy User Manual
– Carrying Case


JDSU HD2-P2-V Spec Sheet


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